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About Sumeshnee Pillay Physiotherapy

Sumeshnee Pillay is a healthcare professional who is extremely passionate about helping patients with their pain by thoroughly assessing and providing effective treatment and rehabilitation using evidence based techniques.

Her focus is on empowering her patients to control their own journey by challenging their beliefs about their pain and motivating positive lifestyle change. Her approach is based on the biopsychosocial model of pain, taking into account the various possible influences on a patient’s pain state from the psychological and social domains, not only the biological. This is what makes every patient unique. She does not treat ‘diagnoses’, but rather the WHOLE patient and is keen on a multidisciplinary approach when required.

What makes us different?

How we talk about, assess and manage pain has completely changed over the years and it is Sumeshnee’s aim to stay up to date with the latest research so that she can utilise only evidence based techniques. A few years ago, certain pain information was considered a bit ‘out there’, but science really backs it up now.

She takes a very ‘hands on’ approach which can impart valuable information regarding assessment of tissues, provide reassurance, facilitate relaxation and movement, result in fear reduction and provide pain relief. ‘Hands on’ is not however used to reinforce dependence on passive therapies. Patient empowerment is key.

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